Dressage test training

Do you also dream of riding the ideal dressage test together with your horse, as if everything happened by itself? Do you want to dressage in harmony with your horse?

– Is your goal getting the best out of yourself and your horse?

– Do you need an honest judge that can guide you towards a higher score on a competition?

– Do you want to know where you are currently in the competition?

– Do you want to know what the judge wants to see in the dressage arena?

– Do you want to know if you are ready to start a class higher?

– Do you want to get your young horse used to a different environment?

– Do you want to prepare yourself optimally for the new competition season or a championship?

This and more are the right reasons to participate in a dressage test training clinic!

Dressage test training clinics are there for you and your horse!

Grand Prix judge and trainer / coach Marlon van Wissen will guide you in improving your test during the dressage test training clinics that she organizes every month.

It doesn’t matter what level you ride. Combinations from B to Grand Prix are welcome. Also for eventing riders who want to score higher in their dressage test. Many riders have preceded you!

How does it works?

  • Competition clothing is not mandatory, but it is desirable. The rider must sit on the horse in neat riding clothes and well-groomed;
  • The dressage test training will be most effective if you imitate the competition as much as possible in terms of preparation, competition clothing, braids, etc.
  • Dressage test training expect the riders to observe the rules that apply in the KNHS regulations while riding loose;
  • The well-being of rider and horse is of paramount importance during the dressage test training Clinic.
  • A safety helmet is compulsory during participation in the dressage test training clinic;
  • Leg protectors and body protectors during the test are allowed
  • The rider may, if desired, during the test by means of an instruction set (“earpiece”) accompanied by his own trainer;
  • The rider has to take care of an instruction set, but usually the jury also has an ‘earpiece’ that you can use.
  • You are free to choose the test number you want to ride.
  • No protocols are completed during the dressage test training clinics, so the rider must always provide a supervisor who records the test on video !!!
  • If you still want to have a written protocol, you have to provide a writer yourself and take a copy of the protocol with you. (You can print out the protocols from the KNHS site)


    We recommend to choose the 10 minutes or 20 minutes extra guidance in addition to the test. In total you will then have 20 minutes or 30 minutes to ride and train your test and go through the most important points of attention and exercises with the judge again. You can then work on this in your own training. This is the most effective way to prepare for the competitions.

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    You can unsubscribe free of charge up to a week before the start of the Clinic. After that you have to arrange a replacement yourself (at your own time and your arena size 20 × 40 or 20 × 60) and inform us at email address: MarlonvWissen@gmail.com whether your registration fee will expire.


    * Our Terms and Conditions apply to all clinics.

Ervaring van deelnemers…

Marlon geeft goede feedback en tips waar je verder mee kunt. De clinics zijn een goede voorbereiding op de wedstrijd.

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