Dressage training

Are you looking for the best dressage trainer for you, that can take you and your horse to a higher level?

Are you ambitious and do you want to get the most out of yourself and your horse? Good guidance is needed to get the very best out of a combination. This requires a committed trainer who knows how to train a horse at its best and how to encourage the rider to get the best out of himself and out of his horse.

Every horse needs a different approach. Each horse must be trained in a pose that matches its qualities, character and exterior. This is different for every horse. This also applies to the rider. Every person is different and has his own qualities, ambitions, talents and character. To get the best out of a rider, a trainer must study the different characters and talents.
I have been a dressage trainer for over 20 years and I supervise competition combinations. In addition, I bring my own horses to competitions at a sub-top level, I am a Grand Prix judge and I am a course leader of the KNHS instructor courses.

This combination of activities ensures that I have developed myself broadly. From an early age I have immersed myself in the question of what is the best way to train my horse. In addition, I have good communication skills and I can easily handle different characters. This is also my strength in guiding dressage combinations. I know from experience that many dressage combinations are looking for a trainer who can get the best out of them and their horse. In my view, instructors are often too much and only focused on the training of the horse and too little on the training of the rider. I will certainly not skip a bit of (personal) development of the rider in my lessons. Would you like to be trained and coached by me? You can contact me!

My vision

Control over your own body is control over (the body of) the horse.

Who trains with me?

  • Dressage combinations that participate in competition at all levels
  • Dressage combinations that participate in competitions and get stuck in their current training and do not know how to proceed
  • Dressage combinations that participate in competitions and want to take additional in-depth lessons in addition to their current trainer. (It is possible to bring your own trainer)
  • Dressage combinations that want to follow dressage test training
  • Dressage combinations that want to perform better at competitions
  • Dressage combinations who want more depth and background information about training their horse. These do not necessarily have to be competition riders!

What are we going to do in my lesson?

  • First I make an analysis of your horse. Together with you I discuss the points of attention of your horse. Then I will explain in class how your horse can best be trained in response to its points of attention.
  • I explain a lot about the posture and muscles of the horse and of course how you as a rider can train this.
  • During the lessons I give you tools and exercises how you can train your horse at home to better gymnastics his body, so that he can perform well for you during a competition.
  • In addition to paying attention to the body of the horse, I also pay a lot of attention to the posture & sitting and influence of the rider. I tell you what your points of interest as a rider are. Here I guide you, so that you become a more complete rider who works in harmony with his horse.
  • Dressage training is interspersed with dressage test training, so that you are optimally prepared for the competitions.