Who is Marlon

About Marlon

I am an enthusiastic dressage trainer, coach & judge up to Grand Prix level. I also help (competition) riders to perform optimally through dressage test training clinics and dressage lessons!

Who is Marlon van Wissen?

As a young girl I was already crazy about horses. When I was 5 years old I started pony riding at a riding school in our village. I got my first pony when I was 9 years old. From that day on, I was among the horses and ponies every day. With the ponies I rode Z-dressage and M-jumping. I also liked jumping, but as I got older I noticed that I really liked dressage.

First I rode my own horses and ponies and then I rode for a trade stable for over 10 years. I spent many hours on the back of many different horses. A great school where I can still rely on with current horses in training, with my teachings and my horses.

Currently I start several horses in (sub-top) dressage. I always found the best and most educational thing there with my horse in the ring. This also gave rise to my passion for judging and teaching. I wanted to know what a jury wants to see in the ring. Also from my role as a dressage trainer I wanted to prepare my students as well as possible for competitions. That is why I followed the training as a jury member. This course suits me well and that is how I rose to become a jury member at the very highest level: the Grand Prix.

Besides the courses that followed for judging, I also followed courses for instruction. For example, I followed the 2-year Masterclass course in Deurne and the instructor courses in Ermelo. I have now almost completed the Coach 5 training course at the KNHS.

I was always found with horses and from a young age I had a special bond with them. I sensed them flawlessly and knew what they needed to function properly. I have ridden horses that others could not do anything with or who had a difficult exterior to perform well. I thought it was a challenge to get these horses “running” and to learn to deal with their points of attention. Because of this I have developed a refined feeling for the body and character of the horse. To this day I still train young horses and also horses to the highest level.

As a result, I have gone deeper into the biomechanics of the horse and the posture & sitting and influence of the rider. I transfer this knowledge during my lessons. I explain well what good riding means and you learn how to communicate and train your horse to perform well at competitions. I think this is the best part of my work as a trainer / coach of competition riders.

That is how I started organizing Trial-oriented Clinics. Here I supervise many different riders and their horses at the B to Grand Prix level before, during and after riding their test.

In short

Competition level small tour and big tour

With my own bred mare Zilver Sun I am preparing for the transition to the Grand Prix dressage. I also train horses of owners and students.

Jury member up to Grand Prix

I judge a lot at sub-top competitions, championships, selections and finals.

Dressage test training Clinics

Every month I organize dressage test training Clinics to help riders to perform better at competitions.

Trainer / Coach

I give many private lessons to (competition) riders who want to get the best out of themselves and their horse. In my lessons I help the riders to get to know themselves and their horse better. So that they can achieve great results through harmonious coöperation.

Teacher of KNHS instructors training courses

For the KNHS I am a teacher of the instructor training Competition sport. Here I train instructors who will teach up to ZZL level.