Horses in training

Here you will find the horses that I am currently training and which I also compete in competitions.
A number of these horses are for sale. All horses I train are healthy and x-ray approved, including neck and back. They all have their own unique qualities and character. I fully adapt my training to what the horse needs. Are you interested in a horse trained by me? Then please contact me. I can give you all the information about the horse!

Do you want a nice, talented, healthy and good horse? You will find them below!

Cadiz (v Odermus) for sale

Cadiz  is born at 17-03-2007 I have been training Cadiz for about 2.5 years now. It is a very sweet and nice horse to work with. Despite his jumping genes, he is very suitable for dressage. He is strong in his body and can trot off the ground very nicely and easily. He has a lot of talent for the passage and the piaffe. I started inter2 with him and he is almost ready to make the transition to the Grand Prix. This good boy is suitable as a schoolmaster for a less experienced rider and for a junior or young rider or U25 who wants to shine in the ring.

Are you interested in Cadiz? Then please contact me.

Lord Lennox (v. Glamourdale x Havidoff) for sale

Lord Lennox (Glamourdale x Havidoff) born at 15-03-2016 I have been training Lord Lennox for several weeks now. It is a very good horse who really wants to work with his rider. Very nice to train and train this horse. He learns quickly and does his best for you. I don’t bring this horse to a competition, but it is for sale immediately. If you are interested in Lord Lennox please contact me directly.


Knoxville (v. Ferdeaux x Jazz) for sale

Knoxville  born at 17-04-2015  is a very nice horse to work with. He is sharp, sensitive but not “hot”. I think an ideal combination. In addition, he also has a lot of talent and very good movements. Truly an eye catcher and a talent for the future. I start him at competitions in the Z and wherever he goes he wins his test or tests. He also won the Gelderland Cup for 4 year olds with me. There is no shortage of talent with this big friendly boy. Are you interested in Knoxville? Then please contact me.

Zilver Sun W (v. Tolando x Flemmingh

Zilver Sun W (by Tolando x Flemmingh) 28-05-2004 Silver is my first own bred horse. I also rode her mother and her grandmother. I released Zilver in the inter2 and took her out of the sport for a while because I wanted to breed with her. Unfortunately she can no longer be pregnant and I decided to pick her up again for dressage. At the moment I train her back to the Grand Prix. Zilver is my own horse and is not for sale.